[WG-OTTO] Fwd: Thoughts about Metadata for an Interfederated World

David Walker David at WalkerStreet.info
Wed Nov 30 12:30:35 CST 2016

FYI, here's the blog post about interfederation that I mentioned in this
morning's call.

After listening to Leif's more recent comments about trust "oracles," I
would modify my proposal more along those lines, as it has the potential
to simplify trust management for people who administer entities.  The
important thing is that the oracles would aggregate metadata from
multiple sources (self-asserted or otherwise), and that the aggregation
for a specific entity would be at the level of individual data elements
within the metadata, according to the oracle's policies.  Those policies
would not be restricted to selecting one source as authoritative for
everything known about the entity.

I'll also note that oracles would likely be present at multiple places. 
A federation would almost certainly provide an oracle, but an
institution might have its own oracle to implement more local policies,
as could a research project, or even a single entity.


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Subject: 	Thoughts about Metadata for an Interfederated World
Date: 	Wed, 12 Oct 2016 14:07:16 -0700
From: 	David Walker <dwalker at internet2.edu>
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I made some potentially controversial comments about metadata at TechEx
a couple of weeks ago.  In short, I proposed that a federation need not
be the only source of trust for the information contained in an entity's
metadata.  I've gotten a couple of encouraging comments since then, so I
devoted a little personal time to a blog post describing the concept:


Please take a look and comment.  If there's sufficient interest, I'm
willing to put effort into fleshing out details (of which there are many).

Finally, to paraphrase a common disclaimer, the opinions expressed in
this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of InCommon
or Internet2 (or, perhaps, anyone else).


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