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Timely report on MDQ from InCommon

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Subject: [refeds] The InCommon Per-Entity Metadata Working Group's final 
report is now open for community review
Date: 2016-11-21 11:19
 From: David Walker <dwalker at internet2.edu>
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  Dear InCommon Participants and Other Colleagues,

  EduGAIN has been a great success, linking the InCommon Federation with
other higher education identity federations around the world. That
success drives growth but that growth does come with a down side.

  The down side is that the InCommon metadata aggregate file that
bootstraps the trust for the federation is large. And growing larger.
The large file size has already caused operational issues for some
service providers and identity providers in the federation. A solution
to the ever increasing size of the single monolithic metadata aggregate
file is for InCommon to pursue per-entity metadata distribution.

  In 2013 the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) chartered the
Metadata Distribution Working Group [1 [1]]. That working group
recommended a test deployment of the Metadata Query Protocol (MDQ)[2
[2]] and for over two years InCommon has been running an MDQ testbed.
More recently, the TAC charted the Per-entity Metadata Working Group [3
[3]] and charged it with items necessary to allow InCommon Ops to move
this technology into a production-ready service.

  The Per-entity Metadata Working Group began meeting in July 2016.
Working group members included representatives from campus IdP
operators, SP operators, federation operators, MDQ experts, and included
significant participation from other higher education federations.
Participation was energetic with much creativity and dedication to
establishing the highest performing service for federation members was
the singular goal.

  The outcome of the working group is a draft final report. We invite
your feedback before the working group finalizes the report and sends it
to the TAC. Please visit the working group wiki page at


  to find the draft report and leave your feedback. The consultation
period will be open until December 5, 2016.


  Scott Koranda, LIGO

  David Walker, Internet2


  [2] https://github.com/iay/md-query


[2] https://github.com/iay/md-query

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