[WG-OTTO] OTTO Minutes 1/20

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Jan 20 11:06:28 CST 2016

OTTO WG Minutes 1/20/16


## Voting Members Attending:
  - Mike Schwartz
  - Keith Hazelton
  - Judith Bush
  - Rainer Hoerbe
  - Janusz Ulanowski

## Non-voting members
  - Yuriy Zabrovarnyy

## Discussion of Re-Charter

Charter is located in

## Discussion of Schema


For FederatedService, the sameAs can be used to define the federated 
service. It should point to the canonical
location for the information. For example, for OpenID Connect, perhaps 
the sameAs attribute should point
to the OP Discovery URL. For an OpenID Connect RP, there is no metadata, 
so the sameAs would be empty.

additionalType points to what defines this federated service, for 
example the schema. It can be either a link or it
could contain the data describing the service.

Mike raised an issue about how to identify OAuth2 clients. The client id 
is different for each AS. OAuth2
clients have no metadata url. And the redirect uri may be multivalue, 
and may change. Possible solutions
include the federation operator issuing an identifier to the client, or 
perhaps defining an OAuth2 client
discovery endpoint and schema. As Yuriy pointed out, the federation 
would define what fields are mandatory.

## Other notes:

Judith raised the issue that using schema.org schema for federation 
metadata might make it easier
for web crawlers to discover the information.

Janusz mentioned Hydra as an example of JSON-LD

## Next Meeting - Weds 1/27/2016 8am PT

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