[WG-OTTO] OTTO Meeting today

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Jan 20 09:43:48 CST 2016

Sorry for the late reminder about the OTTO call in 20 minutes!

And I just realized I never sent the minutes from last week! Darn!

I think we should pick up on the conversation from last week about the 

1.  Please join my meeting.

2.  Join the conference call:
Audio: Skype: +99051000000481
North America Toll: +1 (805) 309-2350
Alternate Toll: +1 (714) 551-9842
International Toll: http://www.turbobridge.com/international.html

Conference ID: 613-2898

Command Menu: 0 Plays menu of Keypad Commands *3 Promote to Host (if 
non-host) *5 Raise your hand *6 Mute yourself
(toggle on

Meeting ID: 162-399-285

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