[WG-OTTO] OTTO Meeting Minutes 2/17/16

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Feb 17 16:03:27 CST 2016


OTTO WG Minutes 2/17/16

## Voting Members Attending:
  - Mike Schwartz
  - Judith Bush
  - Keith Hazelton
  - Yuriy Zabrovarnyy

## Non-Voting Members Attending:
  - Nick Roy

## Minutes Approval

We approved Meeting Minutes from Dec 9 2015 - Feb 10, 2016.

## Intro from Nick Roy

Nick has been active in EDU federation for a decade. Currently Director 
of Technology and Strategy,
InCommon at Internet2. He's going to try to join as his schedule allows.

## Discussion of Draft Initial Design

Since the last meeting, Mike had been wondering about Yuriy's idea 
(https://ox.gluu.org/doku.php?id=otto:proposal#create_post1) entities 
before joining a federation. Such
a registry service could be independent, or affiliated with the 
federation server. Would such entity
information basically be self-asserted, because vetting the information 
is the job of the federation.

Also, what identifier would be used to identify an entity? In SAML 
multi-party federation metadata,
the entityID is self-asserted, and by convention is normally a URI or 
URN. While the entityID can be
any string, as long as it is unique in the federation, one of the 
conventions is to use the IDP's
metadata url. One could see a similar convention for OpenID Connect 
where the discovery url (https://host/.well-known/openid-configuration) 
could provide a stable identifier
for the entity.

However OAuth2 clients (rougly the equivalent of SAML Service Providers) 
present another challenge:
clientid's are in the context of a certain domain. Also, a client may 
have multiple redirect_uri's.
For example, Mike referenced the definition of
which helps an OpenID Provider issue a consistent persistent 
non-correlatable (pairwise) identifier to
a client under the same administrative control. What's interesting is 
that an OpenID Connect may have several
redirect_uris, and just by glancing at the sample values provided in the 
OpenID Connect Client Registration spec,
it's unclear if that is one entity or three. A SAML SP may also have 
several service endpoints, but at least
there is an entityID that enables it to be referencable as a single 

Instead of a registry for entity data, perhaps the data should just be 
self-published, and referencable
via JSON-LD @id tag. Keith, Judith and Mike liked this idea, but Yuriy 
still preferred to have the entity
register. Perhaps there is a middle-ground where the entity registers 
its self-published metadata.

Another issue raised by Keith was that 
federation should be PUT and not POST. POST is non-itempotent, and we 
wouldn't want any duplicate registrations.
Actually, Join federation is really more like an edit of the federation.

There was brief but inadequate discussion of API security--How to 
protect the endpoints, or even to allow
a certain entity to Join a federation with the use of OAuth2 software 
statements. This conversation will have
to be revisited in future meetings.

## Next Meeting - Weds 2/17/2016 8am PT

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