[WG-OTTO] Linked Data Fragments: Querying Multiple Linked Data Sources on the Web

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Thu Feb 11 11:39:31 CST 2016

I’m going to sign up for this. Last time I attended one of these, the slides and recording were provided afterwards.

My regrets for abruptly leaving the meeting yesterday: performance issues with a critical install pulled me in all day (and today, probably).


[cid:part1.02050906.06000200 at grey-cat.com]<https://www.asist.org/events/webinars/dcmi-linked-data-fragments/>

Linked Data Fragments: Querying Multiple Linked Data Sources on the Web

Join us for a webinar on Feb 17, 2016 at 10:00 AM EST.

Free for ASIS&T and DCMI members; $25 for non-members

Register now!


The dream of Linked Data: if we just get our data online, the promised Semantic Web will eventually rise. Everybody will be able to query our data with minimal effort. We will be able to integrate data from multiple sources on the fly. Everything will just work and data will flow freely ever after.

Well, that didn't really happen yet. Even though we published billions of triples on the Web, there are few places that reliably let us execute queries over them. Integration is still very limited. When will our efforts ever pay off?

This webinar introduces you to the Linked Data Fragments family of technologies, which take a much more pragmatic view on the Web of Data. Whereas one of the main problems with the Semantic Web is currently the high publication cost of data (with unknown return), Linked Data Fragments proposes to shift the complexity of querying from the server to the client. This makes publishing Linked Data affordable, and realistic on the Web.

You might have heard about Linked Data Fragments already, or you might just be curious in scalable Linked Data publishing or querying on the Web. This webinar by Ruben Verborgh, creator and lead researcher of Linked Data fragments, is the perfect introduction to understand the important principles and vast potential of what this technology has to offer.

In this webinar, you'll see:
– What Linked Data Fragments is and what it means for you
– How to execute queries over multiple Linked Data source live on the Web
– How to publish your Linked Data at low cost, so others can query it

Webinar sponsored by DCMI: http://dublincore.org/

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