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Tue Feb 9 18:38:17 CST 2016

I guess I need to know: what are we trusting? It seems different federations may offer a trust structure for different reasons. 

It seems that it matters how federations interfederate. I’ve a doodled example where a small federation has the ability to represent the members of the federation to InCommon. That relationship (memberof) could be represented by a 0 in your network. Here, InCommon trusts that all the members onf the small federation are bound by the same agreement (legal structure). That same small federation might exchange metadata with a library resources federation, but not make any trust assertion. That could be represented by a 1 (the small fed trusts the library fed). While institution A may trust that the metadata they have is good for C, the distance of “3” indicates that A should form a bilateral legal agreement before exchanging any assertions about their users.


On 2/3/16, 2:55 PM, "wg-otto-bounces at kantarainitiative.org on behalf of Janusz Ulanowski" <wg-otto-bounces at kantarainitiative.org on behalf of janusz.ulanowski at heanet.ie> wrote:

>I'm just thinking about federation as member of federation.
>Please see attached two pics.
>a) pic1: aka traditional way (entity my be member of multiple 
>federation) plus I added option bi-literal trust.
>in this scenario is quite easy is quite ease calculate relations among 
>entities. If in graph world we set distanses:
>entity - federation = 1
>entity - entity = 2
>then to there is a trust between two entities if the shortest distance 
>must be max 2
>b) pic2 : scenario when federation is member of federation etc
>just wondering how to software will calculate the trust between entities.
>Is A in trust with F and D or only with D or neither?
>On 03/02/16 21:38, Mike Schwartz wrote:
>> OTTO WG Minutes 2/3/16
>> STATUS: Draft
>> ## Voting Members Attending:
>>   - Mike Schwartz
>>   - Judith Bush
>>   - Janusz Ulanowski
>>   - Keith Hazelton
>> ## Non-voting members
>>   - Yuriy Zabrovarnyy
>> ## Discussion of Re-Charter
>> Discussion of charter located:
>> [github](https://github.com/KantaraInitiative/wg-otto/blob/master/kantara/charter.md)
>> ## Discussion of Draft Initial Design
>> [Draft OTTO Design](http://ox.gluu.org/doku.php?id=otto:proposal)
>> Yuriy spent some time working on the above Wiki page to proposes a design.
>> He suggested three endpoints:
>>    1. /federations endpoint returns a list of the federations
>>    2. /federations/<id> returns information about a specific federation,
>> such as the services and organizations
>>    that comprise it.
>>    3. /federation_entity endpoint returns information about a service
>> (IDP, OP, RP, etc)
>> Each of these endpoints return JSON-LD, where the @context provides a
>> link which describes the schema for the
>> returned object.
>> The design would support linking
>>    1. A federation could link to a local entity, a remote entity or a
>> remote or local federation
>>    2. Entities could link to organizations
>> Janusz mentioned that this design was compatible with his a
>> [relation
>> model](https://github.com/KantaraInitiative/wg-otto/blob/master/files/janusz_proposed_schema.pdf)
>> he had previously proposed.
>> A conversation arouse as to whether the entity should also link back to
>> the federation. Mike raised the issues
>> that this could result in referential integrity issues. However, its not
>> really a problem, because the federation
>> is authoritative for membership.
>> We had a conversation as to whether the federation should link to
>> organizations, which should link to services.
>> The net result was that the federation could list both services and
>> organizations.
>> The work in front of us is to flush out the schema. Another important
>> issue that needs to be raised is how to sign
>> the graph, and perhaps also how to hash the metadata for an entity if
>> its stored elsewhere.
>> ## Next Meeting - Weds 2/10/2016 8am PT
>> ## Next Meeting - Weds 2/10/2016 8am PT
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