[WG-OTTO] OTTO WG Meeting Minutes 2/3/2016

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Feb 3 15:38:53 CST 2016

OTTO WG Minutes 2/3/16

## Voting Members Attending:
  - Mike Schwartz
  - Judith Bush
  - Janusz Ulanowski
  - Keith Hazelton

## Non-voting members
  - Yuriy Zabrovarnyy

## Discussion of Re-Charter

Discussion of charter located:

## Discussion of Draft Initial Design

[Draft OTTO Design](http://ox.gluu.org/doku.php?id=otto:proposal)

Yuriy spent some time working on the above Wiki page to proposes a 

He suggested three endpoints:
   1. /federations endpoint returns a list of the federations
   2. /federations/<id> returns information about a specific federation, 
such as the services and organizations
   that comprise it.
   3. /federation_entity endpoint returns information about a service 
(IDP, OP, RP, etc)

Each of these endpoints return JSON-LD, where the @context provides a 
link which describes the schema for the
returned object.

The design would support linking
   1. A federation could link to a local entity, a remote entity or a 
remote or local federation
   2. Entities could link to organizations

Janusz mentioned that this design was compatible with his a
he had previously proposed.

A conversation arouse as to whether the entity should also link back to 
the federation. Mike raised the issues
that this could result in referential integrity issues. However, its not 
really a problem, because the federation
is authoritative for membership.

We had a conversation as to whether the federation should link to 
organizations, which should link to services.
The net result was that the federation could list both services and 

The work in front of us is to flush out the schema. Another important 
issue that needs to be raised is how to sign
the graph, and perhaps also how to hash the metadata for an entity if 
its stored elsewhere.

## Next Meeting - Weds 2/10/2016 8am PT
## Next Meeting - Weds 2/10/2016 8am PT

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