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Interesting ideas and comments from Igor Zboran

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Subject: User-Managed Communications
Date: 2016-04-20 15:02
 From: "Igor Zboran" <izboran at gmail.com>
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Hello Mike,

It has been a while since I was active on the UMA WG. Most recently, I
worked as a solutions architect on Privacy Box project for one big
customer Orange SK, which is a Slovak mobile network operator. Privacy
Box is a secure data storage built on the top of the Identity-Based
Privacy [1] trusted model. During my work I was trying to evangelize
OAuth2/UMA all the time but without any significant success. It was
rather disappointing for me.

Gradually, I've realized that there is a marketplace for User-Managed
THIS AND THAT built on the top of the OAuth2 protocol. Getting it
understood I've started to look at the UMA from a wider perspective.
Then the idea of User-Managed Communications (UMC) Platform came up. It
is a platform that brings together people, processes, data, and things
in an intelligent, manageable and secure manner. You can find the basic
info here: https://token7.com [2]. From my point of view, the most
valuable UMC Platform feature is the federation support. You can find
more info here:


[3]. Just imagine it - with UMC Platform anybody can be a
'communications provider' on their own. Not for voice services but for
various Internet of Everything services.

Feel free to ask me anything if you are interested in UMC Platform. For
the time being I prefer written communication because I am not fluent in
spoken English.

Best regards,

Igor Zboran

Solutions Architect

[1] https://igi64.github.io/ibp.html
[2] https://token7.com

Michael Schwartz
Founder / CEO
mike at gluu.org

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