[WG-OTTO] Call for OTTO Editors / Contributors

Keith Hazelton keith.hazelton at wisc.edu
Fri Apr 15 10:35:47 CDT 2016

With trepidation, I volunteer to be one of hopefully many editors.   --Keith
email & jabber: keith.hazelton at wisc.edu
calendar: http://go.wisc.edu/i6zxx0
On 2016-04-15, 10:28 , "wg-otto-bounces at kantarainitiative.org on behalf of Mike Schwartz" <wg-otto-bounces at kantarainitiative.org on behalf of mike at gluu.org> wrote:

>I am starting to draft the OTTO spec finally...
>There are three levels of participation:
>1. Editor: Review all content, help coordinate content from 
>contributors, and struggle with XML formating.
>2. Contributor: this means you'll have an active role in content 
>creation for the document.
>3. Acknowlegements: Voting members of the OTTO WG plus others who help 
>us get to the finish line will all get recognition.
>If you want to be an Editor or Contributor, please re-iterate your 
>- Mike
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