[WG-OTTO] playground

Janusz Ulanowski janusz.ulanowski at heanet.ie
Wed Apr 13 16:57:27 CDT 2016

I'm experimenting how to publish our registered resources like 
Federation(s), IdPs, SPs (SAML) in json-ld.
and I have (very limited data properties for the moment and naming 
inconsistent) - potentially could be useful for otto(?)

1) RegistrationAuthority  (it's not the same as Federation operator)
see link: https://edugate.heanet.ie/rr3/test2/test/registrationauthority
  - this could be the as entry point for consumers
  - defines other entry points like how to find federations (collection) 
federation/entity etc
2) Collection of federations that
  - list of federations
  - '@id' - point to federation
3) example federation  (Edugate):
  - here is optional attr 'alternativeMetadata' which may contain 
metadatas in different format(s) if needed.

  - members : could be any kind SAML: "SPs, IDPs",  OIDC: "OPs, RPs"
    I guess that entity could support so protocols and roles are presented
     '@id' links to entity information

What do you think about that kind of approach?


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