[WG-OTTO] Notes from "A vision of future metadata management" meeting

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Thu Oct 15 11:00:37 CDT 2015

Some quick notes: Rainer facilitated a call with myself, Janusz, Steve 
Olshansky (ISOC), Licia Florio (Geant) to discuss "a vision of future 
metadata management."

The idea was basically that trust management by a central organization 
is a similar requirement for several technical use cases, and the 
potential exists to collaborate on the solution we have been 
brainstorming at OTTO.

Licia gave an interesting overview of Geant's PKI policy bridge: a 
central organizatoin accredits CA's by evaluating policies against a set 
of requirements defined in profiles,  which are the result of what the 
RP's need to trust the CA's. The certificates can then be downloaded as 
a bundle. Sounds awfully like a SAML federation, where entities are 
submitting self-signed certificates (basically root certificates!).

Steve's feedback from ISOC was "interesting, might be something there... 
send more info."

Licia asked for a doc on the solutions that were available, and a 
summary of some of the work that is going on. Steve emphasized that use 
cases were especially valuable to help him build the case for 


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