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Keith Hazelton keith.hazelton at wisc.edu
Thu Oct 15 08:18:11 CDT 2015

Relevant to part of our discussion yesterday.  ‹keith

On 2015-10-15, 08:07, "simplesamlphp at googlegroups.com on behalf of Peter
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>* Nate Klingenstein <ndk at internet2.edu> [2015-10-15 14:30]:
>> I raised this question elsewhere when I was surprised that the
>>authority for
>> entity attributes was not explicitly or separately stated.
>Yeah, we've tried to be somewhat explicit about this in some entity
>attributes we care about (REFEDS R&S and GEANT CoCo entity categories
>entity attributes), to make clear who is making the claim (the
>registrar, the entity owner, in these 2 cases, respectively).
>The registrar might also make statements to that regard, e.g. what
>data structures in SAML elements have been reviewed or what rules were
>enforced, if any. E.g. I do so in 5.5 at https://eduid.at/policy/mdrps
>In this particular case though that's not an issue, AFAIU, as the
>entity owner would be able to tag her own entities in the InC
>management interface (e.g. using entity attributes of any kind) and
>then rely on those same tags when they trickle downstream in the
>published aggregate.
>But that seems just like a more complex variant of enumerating a set
>of entities: Instead of locally putting entityIDs in a PHP array for
>the IDP to use you'd put entity attributes into the SAML metadata for
>those same entityIDs (plus write code to make use of them in the IDP).
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