[WG-OTTO] OTTO WG Minutes 9/30/15

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Thu Oct 1 12:58:59 CDT 2015

OTTO WG Minutes 9/30/15

## Voting Members Attending:
  Mike Schwartz
  Judith Bush
  Janusz Ulanowski
  Keith Hazelton

## Discussion on Eran Hammer's video on why he left OAuth2


Mike pointed out that one of the interesting thing Eran proposed was 
that the spec follows the code. Eran was annoyed the OAuth2 spec took 
three years, and perhaps coding earlier would have expedited the 
Keith pointed out that the implementations will highlight any defects.

## Voting results

  Mike moved to approve the vote and Judith seconded it.

## Nominations are still open for
  - Crypto Guru:
  - Project Manager:

## Discussion on Janusz's 9/17 email

     I'd like to share  my thoughts with partially overlap others:

     I would see it this way.
     I would split completely entities metadata from  federation(s) 
metadata - they might be controlled by different parties.
     Federation metadata contains all trusted members and their records 
contain @datalink to entity metadata (GlobalCatalog) plus information 
related to federation/registration/authority
        - just everything which is not global or must be 
approved/controled by federation operator.
        - also the list membership entries which my contains link to 
other federation or even entity

Consensus is that this is a good idea... concerns about maintaining with 
SAML. But the improvement would be better
way to scale updates.

The federation would still have to approve the metadata. They would do 
this by updating the federation
metadata for the federation and linking to the new approved metadata.

Judith pointed out that organizations could make a choice about whether 
to wait for the federation to
approve the metadata.

How would entities be authorized to update their metadata. Perhaps on 
registeration, you receive a token that
would enable you to subsequently update your metadata.

      has to set trusted federations URLs and trusted GlobalCatalogs plus 
certs (if used) for validation.
      also they need to define one federation URL as mother fed

     example in the oidc flow - if RP wants to check if selected OP is 
trusted it can just call

       I think this request it's quite light even if we  have reference 

The idea is that requester might have partial visibility of the 
federation metadata. Perhaps another solution
would be to use a token that is associated with the federation

GET https://fed1/.well-known/membership?ENTITY=12345&includemetadata=yes
Authorization: Bearer 204c69636b6c69

## OAuth2 / OpenID Connect Client Registration Specs

  - [Oauth2 Client 
  - [OpenID Connect Client 

## Jim mentioned service provider configuration in the SCIM standard:

  - https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7643#section-5

Not sure if this should be included, but perhaps if the entity has SCIM 

### More discussion on SAML schema

   (attrs: entityID, validUntil):
  - Organization (optional)
  - Extensions
     - entity attributes (grouping of entities for policy decisions)
     - registration (mdrpi) and publication info
     - supported algorithms (needed for cryptographic flexibility when 
using signatures, not for TLS)
  - Most common Roles :
    - SPSSODescriptor:
       - Extensions:
         - MDUI Elelments
       - Certificates(sig/enc)
       - Endpoints
       - Service:
         - Attribute Requirements (required|desired)
    - IDPSSODescriptor
       - Extensions:
         - mdui elements
         - scopes (different meaning than we have in oidc)
         - discovery service
       - Certificates(sig/enc)
       - Endpoints
       - supported name identifiers
    - AttributeAuthorityDescriptor
       (quite simillar to IDPSSODescriptor)

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