[WG-OTTO] saml metadata in json representation

Keith Hazelton keith.hazelton at wisc.edu
Wed Nov 18 09:36:15 CST 2015

Agreed, I just thought it would be useful to see SAML metadata in a
human-friendlier format.   ‹Keith
On 2015-11-18, 09:30, "Mike Schwartz" <mike at gluu.org> wrote:

>Let's discuss this at the meeting in a few. But I wonder if the idea
>would be to represent SAML metadata in JSON, or to just make sure that
>we had all the info, so SAML XML could be rendered automatically.
>- Mike
>On 2015-11-18 09:19, Keith Hazelton wrote:
>> We've talked about what SAML metadata might look like in JSON.
>> I used an online tool with reasonable success to create a JSON
>> representation of an excerpt of InCommon's SAML metadata in its native
>> XML form. I used the converter at
>> http://www.utilities-online.info/xmltojson/#.VkyQymSrRcw [1]
>> The excerpt includes the beginning of the InCommon metadata file plus
>> the entries for Ohio State's wiki SP and their IdP.
>> I used the same tool to map the SAML metadata XML schema file (.xsd)
>> to JSON.
>> All four files are attached. --Keith
>> Links:
>> ------
>> [1] http://www.utilities-online.info/xmltojson/#.VkyQymSrRcw
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