[WG-OTTO] Ethereum - Multichain - Namecoin

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Thu Nov 5 08:52:26 CST 2015


I'm more confused than ever. I spents a few hours yesterday looking at 
Etherium, Multichain and Namecoin.

It seems like Etherium offers more flexibility to code, but I have no 
idea if the business model is feasible--who would pay for transactions 
and storage?

Mutlichain looks interesting because you can create a private 
blockchain, but who would do the mining? Also, this is a fork of 
bitcoin, so would it have the features we want?

Namecoin looks really intersting, and I wonder if we should fork that 
code to support our federation use case... I was looking at the 
specification yesterday:
   and the FAQ:
Perhaps leveraging DNS to resolve our federation services makes sense 
after all...

- Mike

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