[WG-OTTO] OTTO WG Draft Meeting minutes 7/8/15

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Jul 8 15:21:18 CDT 2015

OTTO WG Minutes 7/8/15

## Attending:

- Mike Schwartz
- Judith Bush
- Keith Hazelton
- Rainer Hörbe

Welcome to Rainer Hörbe, this meeting being the first time he was able 
to join us. His interest is how it would be
possible to get OpenID and SAML interoperability to leverage existing 
SAML federations.

If you can travel to Vienna, Austria on Dec 2-3, Rainer mentioned the 
European Identity Workshop:
Where there will be lots of great info on identity and federation.

## Topics discussed

- Discussion of Elections: judith suggests we set an election day. Mike 
asked for any ideas to be
sent to the email mailing list--expressed openness to consider any 
expedient or efficient organization.
Judith pointed out that its hard to lead the meeting, and take notes, so 
we should split those duties.
Mike liked the idea of alternating chairs, so meetings are not held up 
by the availability of one chair.

- Reminder to join the OTTO WG on the Kantara Wiki / Email Mailing List 
! Even Mike!

- Meeting time: 8AM PT is as early as we can make it without risking 
fall off in west coast participation.

- Federation registration use case - Janusz to present when he's back 
from vacation.

- Discussion of Webfinger and Metadata Query Protocol (MQP) postponed 
until George Fletcher attends.

- Mike suggested we send out a survey monkey to maybe set a special time 
during the summer to accomodate everyone's vacaction schedule. We don't 
want to wait until the end of the summer to start moving OTTO forward.


Next week's Meeting Details - same time / same place!


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