[WG-OTTO] OTTO Meeting Agenda 7/8

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Tue Jul 7 19:26:18 CDT 2015

1. Minutes review / approval

2. Kantara logistics
   * Reminder to join the OTTO WG on the Kantara Wiki / Email Mailing 
   * Discussion of Elections
   * Meeting time: should we stay or should we go now?

3. Federation registration use case - Janusz presents.

4. Continued Discussion of Webfinger and Metadata Query Protocol (MQP)
   * Webfinger section 1 requires resource query param: 
   * MQP defines how to get a specific entity or all entities. See
   * Use of Webfinger query strings (resource / rel) makes Mike nervous 
about based access control,
     which might be needed for George Fletcher's idea of protected 


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