[WG-OTTO] falcor : possible JSON solution for new trust model data structure...

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Fri Aug 28 15:24:06 CDT 2015

Interesting Auth0 blog on Falcor

"Another problem that Falcor solves is that JSON objects represent data 
hierarchically, as trees, whereas data is much more often a graph... 
Falcor provides a solution to this common problem of duplicate data with 
a new primitive value type called reference. A JSON Graph reference 
makes it possible to refer to a single location for a piece of data 
rather than having multiple copies of that data in many places."

The above made me think of our problem of establishing trust between 
entities to form peer-reviewed trust models (I forgot the exact jargon 
for that...)

- Mike

Michael Schwartz
Founder / CEO
mike at gluu.org

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