[WG-OTTO] Draft Minutes 8/19/15

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Wed Aug 19 11:19:03 CDT 2015

OTTO WG Minutes 8/12/15

## Voting Members Attending:
Michael Schwartz
Judith Bush
Keith Hazelton
Jim Willeke

## Non-voting members
- Rainer Hoerbe

## Topics discussed

We will open nominations for roles the week of 9/2 - 9/8, hold voting 
the week of 9/9-9/15.
Roles will be two co-chairs and specification editor. Need to follow-up 
to ask
about if there is a system available to handle our vote.

1) Scope / Schedule

Entity discovery is the most important use case:
   1) How would the federation give access to members to write to a tree?

   2) Entity / member data structure?

   3) Federation description data structure? Is it just an entity?
       a) How a federation would publish what user attributes, openid 
        uma scopes, acr's and amr's are available?

   4) How will the data be published--blockchain

   5) How can you query? By id? What about entity-based attribute based 
      For example, return all the OpenID Connect Relying Parties. Rainer 
      perhaps a query to return RP's with a certain sector_identifier.

   6) Description of the trust models : hierarchical, peer-to-peer. How 
would trust
   be established using the OTTO data structure / standard.

Metadata publication is a solution to a larger problem, for example, 
business rules, enrollment.

Peer to peer trust models exist for certificates, where you could see 
who else trusts an entity.
Replication rating in stack exchange... or social network.

Perhaps if there is visibility on who trusts who, it could enable the 
creation of many trust models.

Jim posted a link to an article on a minimum viable blockchain:

Rainer mentioned that we need to consider the time aspect of any trust 
network. For example, maybe I trusted
you last week, but not this week.

2) OpenID Connect Thread on "claims" in the Client Registration Spec?


Next week's Meeting Details - same time / same place!


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