[WG-ISI] Agenda Item

Mark Lizar mark at openconsent.com
Wed Oct 14 22:48:20 UTC 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Working through the issue of how to continue the AdvCIS  work in Kantara, there are a couple of options identified. (So Far) 

1.  Put back the RF-Rand Opt Out- which somehow disappeared after this work group started - agree to allow the next version to be kept under RF-Rand Opt-Out which the Consent Reciept work ws developed under
2. Start a new Group for the Notice and Consent Receipt v1.2 and 2 - which we started in ISI 
3. Contribute this to Kantara in another fashion, to another work group, e.g. trust framework group 
4. Publish work somewhere else 

With number 1, we would also need to address the IPR issue which prevented Tom Jones from participating as this is a key concern 

For number 2, we would need multiple proposers - 

Very happy to move forward from here, the AdvCIS: Notice + Consent Receipt v1.2 is looking really good and interoperable with all things ISI. 

Is this something we can get on the ISI agenda? 

- Mark 

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