[WG-ISI] Notice & Consent Project Update: Addressing the Biggest Lie on the Internet

Mark Lizar mark at openconsent.com
Tue Jul 21 11:19:09 UTC 2020


After a through review of the newly published ISO/IEC 29184 (sister notice specification for the CR V1.1) and the proposed ISO 27560 - Consent record information structure, (aka the Consent Receipt) it is clear, that the originally mission has been achieved for this work. 

The Consent Receipt, started as a hackathon winning project, and turned into an ISO Standard, from the ground up, grass roots. 

Now, there is a global notice and consent receipt that provides people with the ability to see what rights they have in context, independent of organisations.   The first step towards data control, is transparency over data control.  

Thank you to everyone who supported that work, and the final submission for the Consent Receipt to ISO. It is great to see volunteer work and passion actually make something useful and meaningful.   

As we are not clear on the future of the work, we think this incredibly positive note is a great place to take a break for the summer.   

No More Calls Until September. 

Their are now consent grants to identity systems and receipts to prove it. Converting consent into permission is a great new area of work — please check out UMA WG -  where this convergence is happing. 

Thank You, Notice & Consent Group and the Kantara Community !   

Kind Regards, 

Mark Lizar

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