[WG-InfoSharing] Cancelling Thursday regular CIS call

Jim Pasquale jim at digi.me
Tue Jan 14 15:52:33 UTC 2020

Please be advised there are overlapping webinar this Thursday one from KUMA and another from the IAPP around consent. Being in two place at once is difficult enough, three is over the limit.

We’ll review any past business, and be open to hear new business on Friday.  The floor will also be open for nominations for leadership roles, project team leaders or mangers whichever term is decided on.  More project goal definitions based on last weeks agenda items here: https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/WGISI/2020-01-10+Meeting+notes+%28ISI%29+DRAFT<https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/WGISI/2020-01-10+Meeting+notes+(ISI)+DRAFT>

  *   Updates on proposed or possible projects discussed:
     *   Consent Receipt v2 (??)
        *   Current v1.1
        *   Next Release vNext (accountability)
        *   Purpose of Use Taxonomies (Ken)
     *   Information Sharing Sustainability (John)
        *   Information Sharing Dashboard (Iain)
        *   Intent Casting (Iain)
        *   Information Sharing Agreements (John)
        *   Health Care Use Cases (Nancy)
     *   Personal Data Record (Andrew Hughes)
        *   Accountability
        *   Health Care Use Cases (Nancy)
        *   Data in Motion and Data at Rest
     *   Purpose of Use Taxonomies (Ken where does it fit? is it all three projects)

So again no Call Thursday lots to talk about on Friday, I hope you all can make it.


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