[WG-InfoSharing] Call for Consensus for Charter update for KLC submission

Jim Pasquale jim at digi.me
Thu Oct 10 16:31:39 UTC 2019

Et al:

As you are aware the groups work on updating the charter is complete, please review the link below and follow the online for obtaining consensus. Andrew, John, and myself are available to anyone with observations either privately or on the next call. Nonetheless, it is the feelings of those who participant on the weekly call the draft is ready for submission to the Kantara LC for approval.

The WG needs to move forward on the new Charter gaining a consensus and submitting this updated direction to the Kantara LC ASAP P1. The final draft is available on the WiKi https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/infosharing/Charter+Final+Draft+for+Review and with no further comments recorded will be submitted next.

The Charter review and process for moving forward to offer to Kantara LC are complete for the final report requiring a consensus to move forward with submission to the Kantara LC for approval. As Chair, the following implementation for consensus is as follows:

     *   Discussion on a topic proceeds until the chairs believe that all points of view expressed and the group has considered the variety of information presented. Depending on the item, this discussion may take a couple of days or a couple of weeks or more.
     *   The chairs believe the group is ready to come to a decision announcing a Call for Consensus by email to the Working Group's mailing list. The call will remain open to the next scheduled weekly call.
     *   The Call for Consensus is open to responses from all group members.
     *   The call will be for a single topic of the updated Charter aligning more closely with the new work the group is interested in providing.
     *   A resolution recorded in a WG teleconference may precede a Call for Consensus, but it may not replace the official Call for Consensus.
  *   Issues regarded as an editorial by the Chairs do not require a Working Group decision for the Chairs to address, and thus do not require a Call for Consensus. Should disagreement by participants on whether something is editorial, it can be brought to the attention of the chairs either privately or in the context of the wider group.
        *   If the deadline receives no objections, the draft decision becomes a formal decision of the Working Group.
        *   Objections received, which the chairs believe have already considered as far as is possible and reasonable. And the reviewers providing the complaints can "live with” the decision, the draft decision becomes a formal decision of the Working Group.
        *   Objections received the chairs believe present substantive new information. Or the chairs believe there is not a clear consensus in the Working Group; they will reopen the discussion.
     *   If working group member(s) continue to disagree and the chairs do not believe it presents substantive new information, or it does not meet the criteria established for adding new normative content, the chairs may decide the draft decision becomes a formal decision of the Working Group despite the objection.

We thank you for your attention on this matter and look forward to the submission of this updated charter.

Respectfully Distributed,

Jim Pasquale Chair
Andrew Hughes Vice Chair
John Wunderlich Vice Chair


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