[WG-InfoSharing] News from EIC Munich - Data receipt demo sessions

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Wed May 15 16:13:52 UTC 2019

The slide deck that we presented around the demo is now on Slideshare:

Very strong positive reaction to the demo and core data receipt concept!
The audiences were engaged and we got them thinking about how the concept
could be applied in their situations. We expect several new WG participants
over the next few weeks.

The main goal for the demo was to inspire and inform the audience about the
idea of personal receipts for data-related interactions. We were successful.

We showed a few variations of the Privacy Control Panel and receipts to
make the point that implementations can be case-specific and designed to

Consentua's Richard Gomer built a Chrome extension that captured any
'consent' action performed on any consentua.com page; and posts the Kantara
receipt to the API that Keith Uber of Ubisecure; and updates a counter on
the browser icon. I wrote some scripts to query and fetch from the API to
show the audience some of the inner workings.

Asya Ivanova and Katherine Noall of Sphere Identity showed the consent
receipt functionality of their system's mobile app.

We showed Transmute Industry's video showing how consent receipts work in
their app (thanks Margo Johnson for making that).

We showed the digi.me receipt file loader web page (built by Pas, Tarik and
the team) and the digi.me consent access certificate dashboard screens to
show another display and management mode.

Mark Lizar talked about some of the future possibilities that might come
out of this work.

'Kantara Consent/Data Receipts' were mentioned unprompted by a bunch of
keynote speakers - which was very satisfying.

On next week's call we'll run through some of the demo material.

Thank you everyone for encouraging your product teams to make the changes
needed to make this demo possible. (We need a bit more effort to prep for
the Identiverse demo in a few weeks)


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