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Sun Jun 30 22:36:02 UTC 2019

Hi Lisa & Doc, 

These should be captured in the form best practice for the notice based contextual integrity when producing receipts 

For example,  the for consent - the action button should be  I understand as oppose to I agree etc. 

Contracts or terms - Should be 'Execute contract’ and not I agree unless each term is agreed too individually.   Without these best practices, or verified awareness via other means, then the permissions, contract and agreements are low quality and there is no way to see the quality of a permission.  (This can also fits nicely with ISO 29184)

Maybe this type of best practice that is wide ranging is something that multiple groups  could be involved with creating?   (Do either of you think something like this would be something you could support?) 
- Mark
> On 29 Jun 2019, at 13:28, Doc Searls <doc at searls.com> wrote:
>>> On 28 Jun 2019, at 17:21, Lisa LeVasseur <lalevasseur at ieee.org <mailto:lalevasseur at ieee.org>> wrote:
>>> Thanks for all great feedback, gang!  I’m still reading and synthesizing.  One quick comment I want to make—and I’m reaching out to a legal expert for further clarification.  So I'll start off caveating this with  "I'm no lawyer but...."
>>> Yes, we can describe signing a contract as “consenting” to the contract—though I think the more formal term would be “signing” or “executing” the contract. 
> Indeed. Great point.
>>> I’m referring to Consent as a legal instrument, not an informal verb.  And I suggest that there are relevant differences between the legal instruments of Consent vs. Contract vs. License.   (again, not a lawyer....but seeking confirmation/clarification.)
> Another.
>>> Consent necessarily has to do with a proposal to a change in legal/ethical boundaries between two parties. (here’s the litmus test for that, btw:  you don’t need or ask for consent when you act in compliance with legal and ethical boundaries.)

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