[WG-InfoSharing] Feature requests for the receipt specification

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 21:22:46 UTC 2019

Hi everyone - now's the time to start working on use cases and also feature
requests for the specification enhancement work.

I have created 2 github issue templates that can guide you when creating
new items for the WG to consider. More in a bit.

The core construct here is that the CIS WG needs to create a 'core'
specification from which the CR Spec v1.1 is a specialization/profile. It's
a bit of a backfill exercise and a bit of an enhancement exercise. There
are also structural element that need addressing.
A reason to take this approach is that several people have suggested that
the 'receipt' spec is applicable to more than the narrow privacy
law-oriented 'consent' situation.
- I've talked with Thomas Hardjono who is interested in creating a profile
for 'OpenAlgorithm' receipts.https://www.opalproject.org/home-en
- Also, I'm chatting with folks that are interested in the OpenBanking
'consent' mode of operation.
- And, of course, the long-standing need for the receipt to handle lawful
bases of processing that are not 'consent'

To help with structuring inputs, I've created a github template for 'use
case' and one for 'feature request'.
Please go to that link, click 'new issue' and the type of template you
want. Then just modify the text to suit.

So, please add your stuff now.

Questions? please ask.


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