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Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Fri Jul 20 17:10:03 UTC 2018

Greetings folks

I have some Friday afternoon ease-down browsing and weekend rumination for

Jim Hazard (known to many of you from his participation in the UMA WG)
allowed me to share this here.

Some of it is more related to the Info-sharing aspect of this group, and
some of it more related to Consent Receipts.

When he's not on UMA calls and working with Common Accord, Jim volunteers
at the IACCM (International Association of Contracts and Contracting
Management, IIRC without looking it up specifically).

There's been a informal discussion on how IACCM and Kantara's paths might
cross sometime in future, and Jim spans some of those potential touch
points/groups, and references our work regularly and also here in the
Common Accord link below.  Take a browse through all of those links if you

I've copied Jim FYI if you want to reach out, but appreciate he is not on
this WG list so won't be talking talking to us.

Good weekend everyone.

Kind regards


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From: James Hazard <james.g.hazard at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 4:41 PM
Subject: [Data sharing agreements/frameworks making progress in various
To: Colin Wallis <colin at kantarainitiative.org>

Hi Colin,

[..]  I thought to reach out to you on some developments.

Bill Hoffman of the WEF invited me to a workshop at the Gates Foundation,
where the common denominator was to improve data sharing among NGOs and
others relating to health information, epidemics, etc.  At the meeting
Wendy Taylor from the Rockefeller Foundation pointed out that Chatham House
had done a privacy framework, funded by Gates.  Separately, the American
Law Institute has a project on the Data Economy.  The ALI is a famously
serious organization.

My proposition to all of them is that we do a universal data sharing
framework, starting with a focus on the WEF/Gates use case of info about
epidemics. Narrowly that means info exchanges among NGOs, but the best info
is in the hands of the local health systems and mobile phone telcos, and of
course needs to be passed along to the research organizations and
eventually to the pharmas, shippers, etc.

Separately, in connection with IACCM, DLA Piper offered an intra-group data
sharing agreement that they use in the UK - intended to be GDPR compliant
and having a very sophisticated system of extension and adaptation by

I’ve done some demos along these lines.  Would be happy if this seems
interesting to you.



The IACCM is moving forward and has decided to start a collection of data
sharing agreements for benchmarking and as a source for a clause library.
This should contribute to the development of a “universal” legal framework
for data sharing.  I did a piece in which I make the case for that (link).


I don’t have a clear idea of how to structure involvement.  My sense is
that we need to raise the profile of the codification project with the WEF
and then with the IACCM.  So efforts that show the seriousness of the
approach would help a lot (people brush it off as pie-in-the-sky).

This demo of an umbrella framework for data sharing might be a good intro
for some with technical competence.  http://www.commonaccord.org/
index.php?action=list&file=G/Intra-Group-Data-Transfer-Agt/Demo/. I need to
do a description.  It shows NGOs and private companies agreeing on basic,
GDPR-compliant mechanisms, that flow out to a corporation’s international
data sharing.  It would be great to write some additions that make the
parties agree to use particular standards, such as the Consent Receipts.

It may bear repeating that a legal framework plus distributed access
control and iterative standards will fulfill the vision of blockchainers,
with none of the disadvantages.

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