[WG-InfoSharing] Consent Receipt reader, viewer and dashboard definitions

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Thu Jul 5 00:59:22 UTC 2018



Following the agreed upon action items from last week, I have drafted
definitions of a consent receipt reader, viewer and dashboard. It's just a
starting point so feel free to suggest amendments.


&title=Receipt+Reader&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=15892481> Receipt Reader

 A receipt reader is an application that reads consent receipts
automatically. A reader only handles consent receipts in it's machine
readable format  and is a component of some automatic process. 

&title=Receipt+Viewer&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=15892481> Receipt Viewer

A receipt viewer is an application that a human uses to interpret the
contents of a consent receipt. An application can only be considered a
receipt viewer if it presents receipt data in a human readable form.

&title=Receipt+Dashboard&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=15892481> Receipt

A receipt dashboard is an app used by humans to store and manage consent
receipts specific to a set an individual/group. A user can use their
dashboard to perform batch operations on multiple receipts at a time.




Thanks in advanced


Sly @ OpenConsent 


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