[WG-InfoSharing] Call for Proposals, presentations, demo's and Keynotes

Mark OCG m.lizar at openconsentgroup.com
Thu Mar 9 16:30:49 CST 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am a co-hosting the Consent Track at the My Data conference with Shaun Conway from Consent.Global and Tracy Kosa a fellow Canadian from Oshawa who is a program manager at Google. 

We are inviting people to propose a session for a presentation, workshop or demo at the My Data conference in Helsinki.  The My Data conference is a lot like IIW but more focused around My Data (not identity). 

Last year it was an incredible conference with a huge amount of participation and a lot to great people from across the personal data technology space.  As there are many pioneers in this space on the list I would like to invite proposals from UST, Consent Receipts, JLINC, and demo’s from projects that operationalising consent.  As well, it would be great to see a proposal around discussing consent and data portability where an open standards based approach would have tremendous value. 

Official Invite
Call for proposals open, track intros: 07 Making Consent Operational http://mydata2017.org/programme/tracks/#consent <http://mydata2017.org/programme/tracks/#consent>

I am happy to answer any questions and for anyone who would like to get more involved we have a consent slack channel in the My Data slack where everyone is welcome. Where we have short status calls every week if you are interested. (okfi.slack.com)

Best Regards, 


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