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Mark mark at smartspecies.com
Wed Nov 16 18:15:24 CST 2016

Hi Everyone,

We have had a lot of last minute feedback from people leading consent receipt implementations.  As it happens, this feedback is just in time, as we have the opportunity to go through it tomorrow on the call.

So to begin with I want to thank the implementors for your feedback, as well as welcome these gentlemen to the work group.

Simon Crossley - from My Life Digital - running a team looking to launch next year
Joss Langford - from Coel - OASIS - looking to integrate the consent receipt into the Coelition ecosystem
Samuli Tuoriniemi -  from My Data and the University of Oulu integrating consent into My Data Operator
I hope the three of you can make the call tomorrow to discuss the outstanding items.  (The call is at 3:30pm UK time <https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/983443893> - )

Thanks for the feedback and sharing about implementation.

Kind Regards,


For Next Meeting Nov 16

David has complied a list of the feedback; which we are close to addressing.

*From David; —>  The biggest issues are based on implementers' feedback. Here's my recommendation as the editor (as opposed to an implementer)."

Conformance is missing ; Major schema change to add validation. (Samuli can explain)
‘PII Principle ID” is used without reference or definition. I assume that this is the data subject (which seems like a more intuitive name). PII Principle. i.e., the individual's name is missing.
I think you’ll need an array of strings to name multiple third parties.
We need an array for multiple controllers in json – this is suggested in the spec but no array is available.
Mark Added - "Public Key should be in Data Controller section"
Mark Added "Add Data Retention Field as suggested in v.0.9.3”
Need an explanation of the relationship between the elements.
publicKey: currently string, should this be JWK object?
collectionMethod: table says type is object, schema says type is string, I guess string is correct
Consent type - requests for both content and JSON structure
Purpose termination / data retention

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