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Dear List, 

Its great news that this event will be broadcasted for those of us who are unable to make it. (Transmission will start on Friday at 9:30.) I will look forward to attending remotely. 

On this topic of bridging the technology, law and society gap faced for Engineering Privacy on the Internet.  There has been some progress in this area from the Open Notice Initiative.   A call for collaboration 2 1/2 years ago has resulted in the development of a consent receipt specification at the Kantara Initiative, which it is claimed, provides   a simple way to bridge the gap between the tech law and society, by creating a receipt which acts as a vehicle for trusted services, protocols, reputations and ratings.  Thus proposing to be a tool for interoperability and collaboration in this space.   

The consent receipt specification MVCR can be found here , it is still on a first version, with an Open Notice Registry specification in the works, a few proposals in the EU, US, Canada under way with multiple partners and varying stakeholders. 

Kind Regards, 

Mark Lizar
Open Notice Co-Ordinator and Founder

At the moment there is a call for a general use case/case study that multiple projects in this space can use to apply their technology too.   It would be great to see IPEN community support or help facilitate this type of collaboration. 

There are many other great initiatives in the space of trusted architecture be it a; Trusted Protocol like UMA, a trusted network like,  TAS3,, Respect Network, ID3, or a federated identity network like uncommon, or MIICard, or trusted services like, disconnect me, Privony, or reputations like TOS:Dr, Privacy Choice, Trusted Assurance providers, like Truste, or icon initiatives like EU Privacy Icons and so on..  There are many new trusted  services with a rapid growth of new projects in this space. 

It will be interesting  to see what role IPEN might play in this space. 

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> Dear colleagues,
> Here is some food for thought for the IPEN workshop on Friday:http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2471415&download=yes. The paper is called "Privacy Mindset, Technological Mindset" and is co-authored by Michael Birnhack, Eran Toch and Irit Hadar. It argues that a major obstacle for Privacy by Design is the discursive and conceptual gap between law and technology. The authors use "reverse engineering" to better diagnose this gap in order to reveal potential "avenues" to save Privacy by Design.
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