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Hi Marissa,

I'll respond to the west coast poll.. but another way to do this would be like so:

We have people in the UK who join the call as well..

AND I would also suggest we add:
Thursday 9am PT / 12 noon ET /  5pm GMT
THU 10am PT / 1 pm ET / 6pm GMT


On Sep 15, 2014, at 10:42 AM, Marissa Jadrosich wrote:

> Dear CIS Working Group:  
> In scheduling a working group meeting going forward, it was decided to do two separate polls to see which timezone works the best or having meetings in two different time zones.  
> Would you please fill-out the poll that best fits your time zone.  If both polls work, then please click on the link and fill in the information for both polls.
> Eastern Time Zone Meeting:  I used Japan's timezone for this poll, please click here:  http://doodle.com/kz3gfy4pswr26n7a
> Western Time Zone Meeting:  I used PST timezone for this poll, please click here:
> http://doodle.com/3wacci5pdupah2rk
> Should you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
> Kind regards,
> Marissa
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