[WG-InfoSharing] Utretch Report & Presentation

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Mon Sep 8 11:32:54 CDT 2014

Hi All, 

Just back from the Kantara Meetup in Utretch, it went very well.  

I presented the ON- ICO presentation to explain the consent receipt in one session, then explained the MVCR spec (and default by compliance) in another session.  (attached) 

Then I led a mashup session of privacy for user centric IOT, which mashed the consent registry with UMA IOT use case,  (which was presented by Domineco).   Domenico demonstrated how UMA can be used for an IOT (medical health) use case while I discussed how a smart space registry might work for providing a sign and consent receipts to the data subject.   We did then outline how the consent receipt specification  can be used for a location aware context with UMA IOT use case. With these we illustrated a privacy solutions which I think is very exciting. 

At the end of the meeting we discussed how putting together an integrated use case, with UMA, the consent receipt, standard label, information sharing agreement, binding obligations and maybe levels of assurance  would be a very useful exercise.   

Overall from the consent receipt perspective, 

It is clear that we have a few use case that are a becoming hotter than others
1.  Safe Harbour
2. IOT
3. Child/minor protection and parental consent (3rd party case study)
4. Sensitive Data - Use case and extensions 

But, before we can get to these, we need to finish the spec and write and develop a demo of the Notice Registry.  (so much to do) 

It seems we have a few assets that we need to further develop for to accompany the consent receipt specification.  

These include: 

- dashboard
- registry
- consent receipt spec (needs to be finished) 
- use cases

If anyone is particularly interested in these please let me know 

Kind Regards, 


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