[WG-InfoSharing] FYI: ISO: New project: User Friendly Online Notice and Consent

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How to put forward.. Hmm.. the most obvious way is to contribute it to the Study Period.That will require a little bit of thought because I believe, in effect, that IPR in that contributed text is lost to ISO at that point. IMHO one of the reasons why ISO has .. how can I say this diplomatically.. typically 'mature' concepts , is that the value has been got from them before they get there.Of course Kantara still has the original work, still develops it, still makes it freely available under its own IPR regime, while not all these things may happen to the text we contribute to ISO! It's one of the things that OASIS does so well with its PAS status with ISO. It has its cake (getting some works enshrined in ISO which makes it very credible) and eats it too (keeps developing/maintaining it in OASIS). Nat may have some views as well as others deeply versed in ISO.CheersColin
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Thanks Colin, 
This is a direct hit for our work!   Can you (and/or Nat) advise how we put forward the consent receipt for this? 

Kind Regards,

On 17 Nov 2014, at 03:21, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com> wrote:Folks
You may be interested in this proposal from Japan that came up in the most recent ISO SC27 meeting in Mexico City. The meeting agreed to commencing a Study Period to look at it in more detail, to see if there is material that could/should be standardized.Nat has the background if you have queries.I just thought that it might be helpful in your various initiatives..
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