[WG-InfoSharing] Query for alternate time

Joe Andrieu joe at switchbook.com
Mon Jan 28 11:09:25 EST 2013

In order to make things reasonable for our collaborators in Japan and
New Zealand, we'd like to move every other meeting of the ISWG to a new

Currently, we are meeting Tuesdays at 12:30pm PST which is

8:30pm UK

8:30am NZT

5:30am JST

How about a 4:30pm PST call?  That would be

12:30am UK

12:30pm NZT

9:30am JST

How would that work for our friends across the Pacific?



This weeks call will be at the usual time.  If we can settle on a new
time, we'll try it out next week, Tuesday, Feb 5.


Joe Andrieu


joe at switchbook.com

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