[WG-IDAssurance] Meeting minutes for 8 August 2013 IAWG call

Richard G. WILSHER (@Zygma) RGW at Zygma.biz
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Re. today's discussion on the criterion below, I propose the following text
(there is no stipulation at AL1;  AL3 would be the same, except for the
existing qualifier "For non-PKI credentials, apply ...", and of course 'AL2'
would be replaced with 'AL3'; AL4 is also no stipulation).  


AL2_CM_CTR#025   Authentication protocols

Apply only authentication protocols which, through a comparative risk
assessment appropriate for AL2, are shown to have resistance to attack at
least as strong as that provided by commonly-recognized protocols such as:

a)                  tunneled password;

b)                 zero knowledge-base password;

c)                  SAML assertions.

Guidance:  Whilst many authentication protocols are well-established and may
be mandated or strongly-recommended by specific jurisdictions or sectors
(e.g. standards published by national SDOs or applicable to
government-specific usage) this criterion gives flexibility to advanced and
innovative authentication protocols for which adequate strength can be shown
to be provided by the protocol applied with the specific service.


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*	Meeting was quorate
*	Discussion centred on the Tickets and proposed text for SAC changes
*	Check for items deferred to next week for further discussion

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