[WG-IDAssurance] AL3_ID_VRC#030 Record Retention - request for change

Coderre, Mark CoderreM at aetna.com
Mon Aug 27 16:25:08 EDT 2012

I am sending this as a member of the Kantara ARB

AL3_ID_VRC#030 Record Retention  -  currently says:
Either retain, securely, the record of the verification/revocation process for the duration of the Subject account plus 7.5 years, or submit the same record to a client CSP that has undertaken to retain the record for the requisite period or longer.

Recommend we change to "for the duration of the Subject account plus a further period sufficient to allow fulfillment of any legally / contractually-required period".  This would make it jurisdictionally equitable and remove any specific period.

Let me know when I can speak to the recommended change...


Mark Coderre
Head of Security Architecture, CISM/CRISC
AIS Privacy and Risk
Aetna Information Systems

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