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Is this a technology and policy focus, or are they also interested in
strategic drivers and international activities that will impact in this
space?  I say this because:

.         PIV-I is starting to attract a lot of attention in Europe for use
in potential programmes and is probably the only meaningful and attractive
standard available for collaborative organisations implementing today. 

.         There is a growing drive for federation coming from a variety of
directions, including Secret & above space, RESTRICTED/FOUO equivalent
space, regulated industry sectors and (particularly in Europe) citizen ID.
And device and software authentication  is yet another area.

.         But governance, policies, communication and awareness are patchy.

Is it worth doing a higher level, strategic paper in addition to something
of detail?




yours sincerely




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This would seemingly be an excellent event to put forward a paper and/or
panel for.  Note that paper deadline is Nov. 22 and panel deadline will be
in Jan.  Anyone interested in participating in something?  We can then work
together amongst the interested parties to pull something together. Thanks.

9th Symposium on Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust 2010)

The IDtrust 2010 workshop is will be held at NIST in Gaithersburg MD, US on
April 13-15 2010.

We are looking for papers related to all parts of the public-key mediated
authentication and access control problem.

All software systems, from enterprise data centers to small businesses and
consumer-facing applications, must make access control decisions for
protected data. IDtrust is a venue for the discussion of the complete access
control process (authentication, authorization, provisioning and security
decision workflow), addressing questions such as: "What are the
authorization strategies that will succeed in the next decade?" "What
technologies exist to address complex requirements today?" "What research is
academia and industry pursuing to solve the problems likely to show up in
the next few years?"

Paper submissions are due November 22, and we look forward to your
participation.  We will also be looking for panel proposals in January.
Please pass this along to your colleagues.

Details are at   http://middleware.internet2.edu/idtrust/2010/

Britta Glade Kantara Initiative 925-254-4233

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