[WG-HealthIDAssurance] Follow up from today's call at 2 PM ET

Tom (Thomas) Sullivan tsullivan at drfirst.com
Fri Jan 24 04:30:37 UTC 2020

HIAWG participants,

As agreed during today's call ,I am re-sending the paper on Identity attributes and design considerations from Barry Hieb with the request to take a look and comment on  some or all of them. Barry and his colleagues have worked on this over several years and we have seen it once in the past, but have not examined it in detail.

I am also adding his spreadsheet if you prefer to use that format for your thoughts.

Barry's work is thoughtful and comprehensive, so I ask that you offer your comments to be discussed during the next call on February 6th. He will also consider modifying this paper if there is enough interest so it can be part of the official Kantara output.

Please reply to the list so everyone can see the results.

Thanks in advance,


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