[WG-HealthIDAssurance] A Zero Trust Architecture for Patient Privacy at Web Scale

Neil McEvoy neil.mcevoy at l5consulting.net
Mon Feb 11 19:38:35 EST 2013

Hi folks

I'm pleased to announce the leadership team approved my proposal for the
CloudIDsec group, and it will be launching shortly.

I'm going to showcase it externally through a presentation at my upcoming
Toronto E-Health workshop, and thought I would build on the key ideas I've
seen shared through here, so that the presentation will be:

Google Cloud Identity - A Zero Trust Architecture for Patient Privacy at
Web Scale

This will define how Kantara Cloud ID Security best practices can be
utilized to use the Google Cloud for next generation 'Personal Cloud' EHR
models, based on foundations of:

* An IDaaS which uses brokerage and orchestration to manage identity and
fact based policy access to data

* Users have a common OpenId across the ecosystem

* Restful API's front services for orchestrating policy, authorization,
multiple forms of authentication and adaptation to enterprise access

* Public cloud applications using identity based cryptography to protect
data stored in foreign locations

* Patient data access, including insurance carriers, through user managed
permissions for care providers

Let me know if any one is interested in adding any elements to this to be
included in the pitch.

Here's the event:


Neil McEvoy
Founder and CEO

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