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While I think the scope section is good, I think it is missing a component.  As written, I think that it only looks at governments as RPs. I believe that there is a role for governments as IdPs - authoritative parties for identity or specific identity attributes (see Anil's blog entry http://blog.aniljohn.com/2013/07/identity-establishment-and-role-of-public-sector.html).

I believe that the current text in the Scope section could accommodate governments as both RPs and Aps but I would recommend that it be explicitly stated in order to ensure that it is not forgotten.  Along this same line, I would like to propose that the purpose of the WG take into account advocating for governments as a special interest or context within the IAF.

Just a few thoughts,

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I can't be on the call, but together with Rainer and Keith, tried to track down where we had got to re this.
I do recall Ken providing some helpful feedback, but not sure if this is included in this latest wording here in yellow highlight.
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