[KI-LC] Identiverse '21: Kantara's session - need to get moving on this

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24th works for me – it’s a national holiday over here – so no meetings :-)

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As no surprise to us all I expect, we didn't have to wait long for the options for pre-record sessions..

W/c May 17
W/c May 24


For me personally, W/c May 24 is slightly more open.

For Ruth, Sal, Andrew, Alec/Eve, Jim/Catherine, Ken/Martin and John W, and any other WG rep, which week and days suit you best?
(From there we can work a Doodle poll).

Reply All please by return... but let's say tomorrow Weds 5pm Eastern, which will give us Thursday and Friday with a Doodle to wrangle down to a single time.


On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 1:31 PM Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.org<mailto:colin at kantarainitiative.org>> wrote:
Right folks

Just to say this has gone to Identiverse for posting.

When I get some times from Identiverse for a pre-record session, I will circle back again to see what WGs/DGs want to be on the panel.

Thanking you in anticipation of stepping up for the pre-record...

Kind regards

On Sat, May 8, 2021 at 6:46 PM Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.org<mailto:colin at kantarainitiative.org>> wrote:

We are at the end of the line on this.

Thank you Sal, for committing the ANCR WG to show something.

In the absence of any other indications of support (tho' I remain ever hopeful that other groups may step up) I propose that we do most of it as a panel where whichever Officers or members are available on the day of the Pre-Record, gets to sit on the panel and promote their work. For the remainder, we can feature the Trust Framework, its Identity Assurance scheme and a status update of the Program, alongside the ANCR showcase.

Borrowing a theme or two from our EIC '21 pre-conference workshop, it might look like this:

MC and moderator: Colin

Driving Trust in Digital Identity - it takes a global perspective

Recent global events have provoked re-examination and debate about the role of digital identification & authorization, and why standards matter when interoperability is the key to 'the new normal'. The work and development of services from industry associations - in particular those that operate globally is the fulcrum upon which 'the new normal' will play out. Kantara is one of a small number of organizations that develop specifications and operate services to pave the path. Check out this session to keep up with the Kantarians and their recent achievements in conformity assessment and assurance in digital identity, emerging tools for people to exercise agency over the collection and use of their personal data, with a glimpse into the future..

Near final agenda:

  *   Who and what is Kantara

  *   WG/DG Lightning Round: a panel of Working/Discussion Group representatives talking about their current work and what's next.

  *   Spotlight on the Identity Assurance Trust Framework and Operations Program - its standards based approach and its global reach

  *   Spotlight on the Advanced Notice & Consent Receipt Work Group (ANCR WG) - its R&D baseline to develop an open source receipt wallet

  *   Kantara's plans through till 2024 - implementing the Board's strategic plan
I will be submitting EOD Eastern on Monday, so if you have anything to add, or comments to make on the proposed, please do so before then.


On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 5:43 PM Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.org<mailto:colin at kantarainitiative.org>> wrote:
Great. Sounds exciting and perfect content for the limited sound-byte session in the hopper..

Any others? UMA? IAWG? PI mDL? FIRE?

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 1:34 PM Salvatore DAgostino <sal at idmachines.com<mailto:sal at idmachines.com>> wrote:

ANCR will certainly take slots, we have an open source project under the group  where we have 4 different teams who plan to create an open source receipt wallet and contribute this through Kantara, we just got the commitments and our kick call for this in on the 11th.

Thanks for your continued efforts

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I got no responses on this last week,  so our window to get this locked in, is closing fast now.

Feel free to cascade down through your groups to ask for ideas on what your group should present and for volunteers to represent your group if you are unable to for whatever reason.

You can appreciate that locking in a pre-record time that will suit everyone is going to be very hard.  So having a backstop if the Chair or Vice Chair is unavailable would be very helpful.

That said , please Reply All by return but end of day tomorrow latest with days or weeks you absolutely know you are NOT available during May.

I will then start engagement with Identiverse on options for the pre-record and open a Doodle poll to steer us towards one locked in day and time.

Thanking you in advance!


On Mon, 26 Apr 2021, 15:21 Colin Wallis Kantara, <colin at kantarainitiative.org<mailto:colin at kantarainitiative.org>> wrote:
Greetings LC

We just managed to get the Kantara workshop agenda and speakers into Kuppingers just in time on Friday. All due thanks and hat tips to our EU based members and broader member community for helping, and to our EU based Director Thorsten Niebuhr for taking the lead.

The deadline this week is for Identiverse '21.

This is a shorter session of 30 - 40 mins to allow for questions and discussion up to the top of the hour, so really should be no problem.

Identiverse is looking for us to provide:

A panel moderator and MC

A panel with presenters repping each of the active WGs/DGs  and the Identity Assurance Trust Framework and Ops Program.

A title:

An abstract:

An agenda something like this:

Who is Kantara - 5+ mins

WG/DG Lightning Round: whichever groups wish - 3- 5 mins max

Kantara's plans for the next 3 years.

Who is taking these slots?

Please suggest your thoughts on a Title and Abstract.

..By Thursday please, so we can try to get this to Identiverse on Friday.

This will be pre-recorded in 2-3 weeks.


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