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Wed Mar 24 10:57:54 UTC 2021

Right folks

We have to get onto this as we have received a 'hurry up' note from
Kuppinger Cole in Germany.

Key topics are below, but for the workshop we don't have to stick to them,
so I really have them here as a brain teaser:
Digital Value Chain
Decentralized Identity
Identity Defined Security
Zero Trust
Token Economy
Artificial Intelligence
Identity Governance and Administration
Marketing Automation
Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management
Privileged Access Management
Enterprise Cloud

We need a theme, and from that, a title, and then some work groups stepping

This is a hybrid conference so it's not strictly necessary to be there
physically in Munich.

UMA should play a significant part, given our expectations around the UK's
PDP, and that UMA received its innovation award from this event in 2014.

Consent Receipt also, given the H2020 NGI-Trust project PaECG, and the ANCR
WG. Consent Receipt is also in part or in full in several Covid related
implementations.. .. the Airside App (the retrieval and sharing of COVID-19
test results with an airline), Consentua and possibly digi.me's Consentry.

We may have a story to tell about the Assurance program with potentially 2
Europe based providers getting close to going public with their 63-3
conformance plans by September.

There are certainly other angles for other work groups but that's as far as
I have got.

As for a theme, we could riff off of Kantara's new Mission statement with
something like;
How to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of identity and
personal data... or something much better that binds the Kantara artifacts

The questions we need answers to now are:

Who is intending to travel to Munich for this conference September 13-17?..
as we have done in past years, these folks can do panels, fireside chats,
stand ups as part of our workshop, which can be anything between 2 and 4
hours long depending on content?
Who is intending to remotely participate?
Which Kantara Groups are going to form part of the Workshop? Chairs, please
signal if it's likely your Group will participate.
Who is the co-ordinator in each of those groups to deliver materials to the
Who is going to choreograph and project manage this workshop?

I ask, because *I will not be there, and I will not be in a position to
lead it as I have done in previous years.*

Our European members consist of Wedacon, digi.me, One.Thing.Less, Nixu,
Seadot, Sunet, Oxyliom Solutions, Geant, Hindle Consulting, Human
Colossus Foundation, Beruku Identity, ID Crowd, KnowNow, Meeco, Mastercard
if we leverage the UK folks, and a bunch of Individual Contributors.

All comments and ideas by return most welcome please.


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FYI.. to get it on your agenda early.

Cc'ing Ruth and candidate Director at Large Thorsten, given their locality.


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From: Elene Petriashvili <ep at kuppingercole.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2021, 12:17
Subject: EIC 2021 x Kantara
To: Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.org>

Hi Colin,

hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

I am writing to let you know that we are preparing EIC agenda for 2021
(taking place in September) and would be glad to see Kantara having
workshop this year as well. Maybe we can discuss it in a call sometime next

Let me know which date works for you best.


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