[KI-LC] Kantara Update session at pre-conference Identiverse - planning starts now!

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Mon Apr 19 15:27:19 UTC 2021


Just a quick note to say that this is officially a goer.
I think I mentioned to the LC Leads at least, possibly the Board also,
that we had a verbal agreement on it but when the agenda was published it
was nowhere to be seen. I followed up with Andi and we are in business now.

The session will be 30-50 minutes in a combo of moderator, short solo
presos and a panel.

The bare framework agreed is:

   - Overview of Kantara ..5-7 mins
   - Working Group spotlight - each in turn on what the Group is working on
   now, and what the Group expects to deliver in 1-3 years.
   - Panel and WG reps selection in the next 2 weeks.

Pre-record the session in May. It will be aired June 16-18, and repromoted
in the post conference. presenters and panellists expected to be in
attendance when it first airs, to answer questions.

We need a session title, abstract and speakers.

Please let me have your suggestions - one rep from each Group please... I
need those names *by return/soonest.*

Thanking you all in advance.

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