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Sat Apr 17 11:23:30 UTC 2021

Thanks for the update Rainer.

It's an interesting distinction you make there. Kantara member Nixu for
example, has deployed a very successful workforce IAM solution in the
Nordics that uses Kantara’s Consent Receipt amongst other work.

If the Telco client is looking to audit its compliance with 63-3 when the
enterprise has a stable implementation,  look no further - that's one of
the many services that Kantara and its members offer ;-).

Enjoy your vacation!

Kind regards

On Sat, 17 Apr 2021, 10:08 Rainer Hörbe, <rainer at hoerbe.at> wrote:

> Hi Colin,
> I will not attend EIC or pre-conference workshops. My professional focus
> has shifted to private sector workforce-IAM, so there is much less overlap
> with Kantara's contents anymore. In addition, I opted for taking my bonus
> as additional vacation time, making my schedule complicated between
> projects and holidays.
> Having said this, I am still drawing a lot of knowledge from my
> involvement in Kantara and SC27. For a Telco client I am currently in a
> project introducing the core concepts of 800-63 and related work into their
> access management. People who had their mind shaped by pitches from product
> vendors are pretty impressed by the scope, vision and depth of the stuff
> available in the public domain.
> So meeting friends from Kantara will have to wait until time permits:-(
> Cheers, Rainer
> Am 2021-04-14 um 00:49 schrieb Colin Wallis Kantara:
> Hi everyone
> Kantara Director-at-large Thorsten is taking the lead on co-ordinating
> Kantara's activity around this event because, as you probably know already,
> I will be on the other side of the world by then ;-).
> I am emailing all European member company reps and individual contributor
> members directly, after the bcc email last week to the corporate members.
> This is because we are now up against the deadline with organisers
> Kuppinger Cole for this event and we must confirm 'who and what' for the
> EIC 2021 website agenda and promotion.
> I am also adding Kantara members already listed as speakers on the agenda.
> Congratulations Katryna Dow, Mary Hodder, Allan Foster and George Fletcher!
> Thorsten and Ruth are also on the agenda (as am I, but that is a
> mistake;-)).
> Thorsten has sketched a plan for the European Members Plenary on the
> Monday and the pre-conference Workshop on the Tuesday morning before the
> conference begins after lunch. Please see it below.
> I ask for your response on just 4 things :
> 1) Will you attend in person, or remote, or not at all.
> 2) If you are intending to participate in person or remote, will you
> participate in the European Members Plenary (probably at Victors Hotel
> around the corner from the event venue) on the day before the conference
> (Monday Sept 13th).
> 3) If you are intending to participate in person or remote, will you
> attend the pre-conference workshop, participate on panels or presentations
> regarding your company's work and its relationship to Kantara.
> 4) What do you think of Thorsten's early draft? What would you suggest to
> improve?
> Thanking you very much in advance.
> Kind regards
> Colin
> ......................................................................................................................
> From Thorsten's email to the Board yesterday.
> I would like to add a topic to the meeting this week re the agenda/
> planning for EIC 2020 ( Member Plenary + Kantara Workshop)
> I am still not sure if we manage to organize a plenary, but my feeling is
> that we absolutely should try to do so (preferably as hybrid event as well).
> We agreed with Kuppinger to come back to them with an agenda by end of
> this week. Please check the attachment. Comments much appreciated!
> *Plenary*
> Depending on the situation (C19) and how many persons would attend, I hope
> we can (again) organize the event in the 'Victor's' Residence Hotel'
> Agenda for plenary will be, as always, 50% Kantara internal/ updates and
> 50% Warm-Up prepare for the workshop the coming day.
> Around 5.5 hours (10.30am - 4pm with lunch and breaks included)
> *Workshop*
> I would love to make this more a workshop-style than it was in the past
> years. So I recommend a 33/33/33 approach, and Colin thinks to run for
> about 2.5 hours, slightly shorter than previous years
> *33% Kantara Board and LC Officers and staff*
> past-today-tomorrow (what is Kantara)
> Panel (Kantara and Liaison friends, showing where Kantara has incubated
> others (eg IDPro) assurance-programs and groups explainers
> *33% Current WGs and DGs*
> All groups, a max 10 min. presentation from 'not-responding' WGs and DGs
> groups giving most of this segment to UMA and ANCR, which already responded
> to our call with specific subjects and are happy to contribute.
> *33% Workshop*
> include the audience with a discussion Question.. e.g. What will be the
> most challenging topic in Identity for the next 5 years.
> Sort/ Categorize answers and then discuss (panel + audience)
> --
> Thorsten H. Niebuhr
> Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter /CEO
> WedaCon Informationstechnologien GmbH
> tniebuhr at wedacon.net
> www.wedacon.net
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