[KI-LC] Planing / Agenda EIC 2021 Munich

Thorsten Niebuhr [WedaCon GmbH] tniebuhr at wedacon.net
Mon Apr 12 06:41:25 UTC 2021

Good Morning,

I would like to add a topic to the meeting this week re the agenda/ 
planing for EIC 2020 ( Kantara Workshop + Member Plenary)

I am still not sure if we manage to organize a plenary, but my feeling 
is that we absolutely should try to do so (preferably as hybrid event as 

We agreed with Kuppinger to come back to them with an agenda by end of 
this week. So discussing that on thursday might be a bit late. Hence 
this mail for a discussion in this round first

Comments much appreciated!


Depending on the situation (C19) and how many persons would attend, I 
hope we can (again) organize the event in the 'Victor's' Residence Hotel'

Agenda for plenary will be, as always, 50% Kantara internal/ updates and 
50% Warm-Up prepare for the workshop the coming day.


I would love to make this more a workshop-style than it was in the past 
years. So I do recommend a 33/33/33 approach

  * 33% Kantara
      o past-today-tomorrow (what is Kantara)
      o Panel (Kantara and friends, showing where Kantara has incubated
        others (eg IDPro)
      o assurance-programs and groups explainers
  * 33% Current WG and DG
      o Roll-Call to all groups for a max 10 min. presentation
      o for 'not-resppnding' groups: give the time to the more active
        ones (UMA and ANCR, which already responded to our call and are
        happy to contribute)
  * 33% Workshop
      o include the audience, eg
     1. Question: What will be the most challenging topic in Identity
        for the next 5 years
     2. Sort/ Categorize and then discuss (panel + audience)


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