[KI-LC] European Identity Conference 2021, Sept 13-17 Munich & remote

Thorsten Niebuhr [WedaCon GmbH] tniebuhr at wedacon.net
Tue Apr 6 16:58:15 UTC 2021

Hi Mark et all,

great offer! Lets wait a few days until Friday to collect feedback, we 
will come back to you and all those who would like to participate then!



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On 4/5/21 8:08 PM, Mark Lizar wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> You can count us in from ANCR and Open Consent.  We would be 
> interested in Trustworthy Identity,
> With more than a few items to contribute to this topic, (for example)
>   * binding UMA Scopes to purpose driven notice and consent service
>     architectures.
>   * privacy agreement for directed and altruistic consent
>   * International Notice & Consent gateway for Identity Governance
>     Assurance
>   * lifecycle of notice and consent for Identity Protocol governance
>   * Interoperable identity governance with w3c Data Privacy Vocabulary
>     Controls
> ( happy to customize to appetite and plennary themes)
> Best,
> Mark
> PS - Welcome Thorsten
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> *From:* Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.org>
> *Sent:* 05 April 2021 12:13
> *To:* Colin Wallis Kantara <colin at kantarainitiative.eu>
> *Cc:* Thorsten H. Niebuhr [WedaCon GmbH] <tniebuhr at wedacon.net>; 
> Kantara Leadership Council <lc at kantarainitiative.org>
> *Subject:* European Identity Conference 2021, Sept 13-17 Munich & remote
> Folks
> I am soliciting interest from the 15 UK/Europe members regarding 
> participation in this event 
> <https://www.kuppingercole.com/events/eic2021>. In past years we have 
> held the European members plenary the day before this event too, and 
> could conceivably do so again, provided there will be enough members 
> planning to be present in Munich.
> I won't be there, but Director Thorsten Niebuhr will be there in 
> person (C19 permitting) and also possibly one Kantara staff 
> representative.
> We need a theme - something that binds the Kantara artifacts together 
> like - 'How to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of 
> identity and personal data' but please improve on it.
> UMA should play a significant part, given our expectations around the 
> UK's Pensions Dashboard Programme, and that UMA received its 
> innovation award from EIC 2014.
> Consent Receipt also, given the H2020 NGI-Trust project PaECG, and the 
> ANCR WG. Consent Receipt is also in part or in full in several Covid 
> related implementations.. .. the Airside App (the retrieval and 
> sharing of COVID-19 test results with an airline), Consentua and 
> perhaps conceptually digi.me <http://digi.me/>'s Consentry.
> We may have a story to tell about the Assurance program with 
> potentially 2 Europe based providers getting close to going public 
> with their 63-3 conformance plans by September.
> There are certainly other angles for other members and other work 
> groups but that's as far as I have got so far.
> By Friday this week (April 9th) please Reply All to this email to 
> indicate your interest in participating in the event, stating 
> in-person or remote, so we can get started on planning the agenda 
> around you.
> Kind regards
> Colin
> Kantara Initiative 
> <https://kantarainitiative.org/about/10th-anniversary/>, 
> Kantara Educational Foundation 
> <https://edufoundation.kantarainitiative.org> & Kantara Europe 
> <https://kantarainitiative.eu/>
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