[KI-LC] European Identity Conference 2021, Sept 13-17 Munich & remote

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Mon Apr 5 16:13:04 UTC 2021


I am soliciting interest from the 15 UK/Europe members regarding
participation in this event <https://www.kuppingercole.com/events/eic2021>.
In past years we have held the European members plenary the day before this
event too, and could conceivably do so again, provided there will be enough
members planning to be present in Munich.

I won't be there, but Director Thorsten Niebuhr will be there in person
(C19 permitting) and also possibly one Kantara staff representative.

We need a theme - something that binds the Kantara artifacts together like
- 'How to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of identity and
personal data' but please improve on it.

UMA should play a significant part, given our expectations around the UK's
Pensions Dashboard Programme, and that UMA received its innovation award
from EIC 2014.

Consent Receipt also, given the H2020 NGI-Trust project PaECG, and the ANCR
WG. Consent Receipt is also in part or in full in several Covid related
implementations.. .. the Airside App (the retrieval and sharing of COVID-19
test results with an airline), Consentua and perhaps conceptually digi.me's

We may have a story to tell about the Assurance program with potentially 2
Europe based providers getting close to going public with their 63-3
conformance plans by September.

There are certainly other angles for other members and other work groups
but that's as far as I have got so far.

By Friday this week (April 9th) please Reply All to this email to indicate
your interest in participating in the event, stating in-person or remote,
so we can get started on planning the agenda around you.

Kind regards
Kantara Initiative
<https://kantarainitiative.org/about/10th-anniversary/>, Kantara
Foundation <https://edufoundation.kantarainitiative.org> & Kantara Europe
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