[KI-LC] Would we like to do this?

Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Mon Sep 7 15:53:39 UTC 2020

Greetings everyone

Kuppinger Cole's Custech 2020 virtual conference is on October 20-22 with
500 registered.

Some of you may recall that the idea was to shift our EIC'2020
pre-conference workshop to this event. However Kuppingers have insisted on
sponsorship for that and in the absence of locating any, this option of a
free break-out session has been offered.

What do you think? Would one or more of you Chairs support it?

Hi Colin..  [....]... We also have an option of Breakout sessions which is
for free for the organisations of course, it is for 45 minutes on a
specific topic which is chosen by the organisation willing to have it.

The breakout rooms run parallel to the main agenda and are scheduled for 45
minutes. Anyone attending the conference (so far we have around 500
registered participants ) can join it and have discussion with you about
that topic.

The purpose of it is to facilitate the networking and open discussion
possibilities virtually throughout the platform.


Let me know if it is something you might find interesting.
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